PROFESSIONAL DISPLAY BOARDS offers many types of professional quality display boards to give your Science Fair Project, History Fair Project, AgriScience Project and Jewelry Displays a professional look.  Our project display boards are made to fit within the size restrictions set by most State and International Science, History and AgriScience fair rules.  We offer table models, floor models, extensions for table models and expando pages.  All models are built with a lightweight wood frame over a foam core and have a fabric covering that is Velcro receptive.  They are light enough to carry, yet sturdy enough to last for many years.  Our project display boards are ISEF, NHD and FFA legal, professional looking and will give you an edge over someone with a lower quality display.  They make a great first impression, but will not make up for a poor project.  These display boards are not recommended for the elementary school level of Science Fairs but rather the Regional, State and International levels.

We do carry a display board for the elementary and middle school level which is slighly smaller than our professional quality display board but retains some of the same professional qualities.  It is fabic covered with Velcro receptive fabric and has a wood frame with a foam core.  This is an ideal product to replace the cardboard display boards that you are always purchasing for a project.  They will last many years and will pay for themselves in a very short period of time because you can use them over and over again.

We also carry products designed for schools.  Our student study carrel is an ideal replacement for cardboard carrels, designed to last for years and will give your students privacy in a less distracting environment.   They are also made of the same high quality materials that our display boards are made of .